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One of the projects I have been working on since 2006 is called Silhouettes Spectra in which masked figures dressed completely in black are photographed in different locations and configurations. I am interested in how we interpret images which seem familiar but are not precisely so; which have missing and erased parts. The word "spectra" in the title refers to the range of possible connections between the figures. Any relationship could appear and I hope that some of them can create a construct of representation which disturbs the viewer's mind. In other words, the image is intended to intrigue and confuse. The Silhouettes Spectra Project links together a number of different references; to Surrealism, Dadaism and the occult on the one hand, with science fiction and pop culture on the other. Characters in the project appear to oscillate between different stages of fiction, rituals and dreams. A single image may be open to very different interpretations. In one set of photographs, the figures appear to be part of a dream, in another they appear to be taking part in some sort of ritual. We ask ourselves - what are we looking at? What sorts of connections exist between the figures? Are we dealing with a kind of fantasy, a mass media cliché? Are the silhouettes a sect, a group of villains, a gang or perhaps aliens? Uncertainty is at the core of the project. >> See selected works from the series